Big Hole With Bulldozer

Originally uploaded by kakariki.

It seems that Dr Don can’t seem to help himself at the moment and KEEPS SAYING DUMB SHIT. So to further his campaign for political irrelevance, here’s my early christmas present. This should be easier to climb into as well.

Deep digging yourself Don, I’m loving it.


9 responses to “Big Hole With Bulldozer

  1. I haven’t been following too closely, what did he say this time?

  2. He didn’t debate Helen properly because she’s a woman. Then he said that he’s not a fmeinist because men can’t be feminists. (maybe if he put rich, obnoxious, white in front of men then he’d have a case to argue).

  3. It’s a viewpoint i’ve come up against quite often, actually. Opinions I’ve heard re feminism in the context of pop culture is that only women can be feminists. It’s absurd, of course, and it’s great that the question is being raised in so public a way.

  4. what sane man want to be a feminist parrot, feminists never good looking

  5. Does anyone in the Blogosphere find this ‘peterquixote’ person interesting or amusing? I’m just wondering if I’m alone in finding him an illiterate dickweed…

    PS: I used to nail a feminist Sociology student at Uni. She was a fox.

  6. Mmmmm, feminist women….

  7. …mmmm, feminist men.

    I like feminists

  8. Yeah, I’ve been told I’m a pretty spunky feminist!

  9. I have to admit, Kakariki is a pretty bloody sexy fem 🙂

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