Yeah, um… sorry bout that!

That was me going a bit busy for a while. So time for an update.

Isn’t the weather lovely!

Last weekend I went to the Radio NZ minor party leaders debate at Circa Theatre in Wellington. And I must say what a refreshing debate it was! They were such a polite bunch of well-mannered politicians, who debated actual policy. I know this sounds radical, but it’s true. Actual issues! There was stuff all rhetoric and the only hassles they gave each other were good natured and usually quite witty.

I think they all performed very well, but I would give Pita Sharples the award for winning the debate as he started on the back foot, yet put across his vision and his party’s vision exceptionally well.

And I know this has been reported elsewhere, but I did find it entertaining that Winston declined to come due to not considering his party to be a minor party. Yeah right. Today’s poll results are certainly backing that theory *snigger, snigger*

I agree with frog that this is a shocking campaign from Winston, and I believe things can only get worse for him. It seems that some of the journalists who were usually pretty sympathetic to his schmoozy attitude have finally had enough of his arrogance and aren’t giving him as much coverage as they used to. There was a time that he only had to open his mouth and he would get coverage, but he’s struggling now. And when he won’t even turn up to broadcast leaders debates, he is making silly mistakes when it comes to coverage.

On that note, I’m pleased to see that the rest of the country is waking up to the realities of what’s going on in Tauranga. I was up there at Easter and people were already talking about this threat to Winston’s seat. Now I know that Bob isn’t hugely keen on being a politician and this is getting the locals a wee bit miffed, but still, he’s thrown his hat in the ring now, so he does have to follow through with it. I hope Don is on the phone with him giving him a rark up about how important he is to keeping Winston out. Imagine Parliament without him! Bliss! I don’t know how much people pay attention to Winston in the House, but he is a vile, vile man. He says some of the most disgusting things to other people. And is one of the main reason the Wellington High students who did their violence analysis study condemned their behaviour so much.

Change topic…

I must send out all my aroha to the people of New Orleans. The disaster that they are facing is absolutely devastating and the response by the US government is making me sick. Five days without food is inexcusable for the richest nation in the world. I would be so angry if I was a citizen of America right now. Good to see the media actually having a decent analysis of the situation. Seeing mainstream media questioning the class and ethnic disparities over who has been looked after, and the comparisons to the spending in Iraq is a very pleasant surprise.

And I must respond to Mr Farrar and his obviously misinformed comments about the Green Employment policy. Now to claim that getting rid of youth rates is going to disadvantage young people, Mr Farrar obviously hasn’t spoken to many young workers recently. You try working in a pizza shop for 4 hours a day, earning $5 an hour before tax and then losing your job at 18 because they won’t fork out the minimum adult wage. That is not fair. What also isn’t fair is when 12 year old kids are going out to work to support their parents and have absolutely no legal protection when it comes to exploitation. What also isn’t fair is that kids have to start working earlier now to get experience. If they start working at 18, they are starting on the back foot, from their friends. What also isn’t fair is the fact that National Party policy will only make this situation worse.

OK that’s the end of my rant of the week. Expect more as I remember things I was going to write about.

P.S. Who else knew that Maurice Williamson used to be a C++ programmer! He’s an actual geek, crikey.


6 responses to “Yeah, um… sorry bout that!

  1. Mr Farrar employs many young workers. All incidentially being paid well over $12/hr from my company but often well under that elsewhere,

    Raising the minimum wage for 16 year olds from $7.60 to $12 will beyond doubt make it much more harder for them to get jobs and experience.

    Your example of $5 an hour is incorrect as that is below the current minimum wage. And it would be illegal to sack someone just because they turn 18.

    And yes I knew Maurice used to be a programmer. He is currently doing .net stuff,

  2. Thanks Dave for your response.

    A) Good on you for employing young people, we appreciate it.

    B) The issue isn’t raising the minimum wage for youth rates, it’s youth rates full stop.

    C) There is no minimum wage for those under 16 = expoitation.

    D) Maurice gets cooler every day I hear more about him šŸ˜‰ But…

  3. Sending out all your aroha.. that isn’t worth much…

  4. Anonymous: you’d be surprised. Your cynicism saddens me.

  5. Kakariki, you’re the one who should be suprised. It doesn’t take much to sadden you….

  6. I have inside information that the Williamson = Ubergeek story is a crock. My ex knew him a few years ago and he had trouble with even basic Windows point-and-click functionality… Unless he’s improved over the past few years!–>

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