Fun for everyone!

So there’s one event every three years in New Zealand politics which just cannot be missed. Yes folks, the Aro Valley Community Meet The Candidate forum. And tonight was no let down.

We had representatives from all parliamentary parties except for NZ First, plus the delightful presence of the Alliance, the Anti Capitalist Alliance, The Democrats, and the Libertarianz.

I won’t give you a blow by blow, because I can’t be bothered. I will share my highlights though (in memory order).

1. Mark Blumsky, when asked what he would be the first thing he did if elected to represent Wellington “I will install security cameras in every dark stairwell”.

2. The representatives from parliamentary parties who aren’t MPs themselves spouting their opinion which was the complete opposite to what their party leaders would say (or have done).

3. Michael Appleby (ALCP) answering every question with “If we legalised cannabis…”

4. The person lying on the ground out the front being “Mark Drunksy”.fight

5. The drums and fire outside (every Tuesday night, Aro Park, for those who don’t already know)

6. Almost every candidate answering the question “If your party wasn’t standing who would you vote for?” with “The Greens”

And I’m sure I’ll think of more, but damn it was fun. Nice to be in a place where there’s a politically aware and vocal crowd!

(Ha and I beat David to blog about it 😉 )


4 responses to “Fun for everyone!

  1. I beat david to blogg about it,parrot, if you bet him parrot you have to pays him money,

  2. Some good highlights. Yeah I have work to do in the evenings, which means I won’t get to blog until Wednesday about it.

    But the good news is I have gone from 95% to 100% certainity anout who you are! 🙂

  3. Keep telling yourself that David 😉

  4. It was a good ‘un alright! Good to see the usual and unusual suspects there too.

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