Some fundamentalism for you

They’re all coming out of the wooodwork at the moment it seems.

Firstly, we have to Bretherans funding smear leaflets. Feedback would show their leaflets are actually doing the Greens more good than harm. As for Brash refusing to answer questions about whether he knew about the leaflets in advance? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Although as I was typing this post, I was informed that Noelle from bFM has an interview with Don where he admits he knew about the pamphlets.

Like Jeanette I was surprised to hear that Sean Plunkett had been stepped down. I didn’t actually hear the interview, but I didn’t hear anyone I know saying it was that bad. Unbalanced sure, but worthy of suspension, certainly not. I really hope he is reinstated as soon as possible.

And some news from the front line of anti-fascist activism. Some dumbass did a massive DDOS attack on the server that hosts (amongst many other things) the FightDemBack site. Stuff has the story. This is seriously dumb on the part of whoever is responsible. Especially if they call themselves nationalists. Many small, local businesses have been affected by this and the cost has been huge. They will go down, and I will laugh, hard.

Speaking of racists, looks like Pauline Hanson has a new job! Interesting career move. Wonder if the NZ version will get inspired and hire Kyle Chapman for their next series. That is of course, unless he gets into parliament for the Direct Democracy Party (ROFL).

And I’m now opening sweepstakes for the Green MP that gets the most cabinet posts after the election according to speculation. Currently Nandor is winning with three: Attorney General (according to Dunne), Justice (according to Dunne and Police (according to Winston).


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