There’s something really entertaining about the stupidity of Nazis. Obviously it’s not entertaining when they hurt people, which is why some people keep a feckin close eye on them. But when certain idiots decide that it’s OK to post details and photos of anti-racist activists online, they can’t expect to get away with it too easily.

I thoroughly recommend you read this summary of what was done to one of these sites. It’s based in Australia, but did have NZers on it. For the record, this guy is so seriously thick as shit it’s hilarious. What isn’t funny is that he thinks he’s actually doing the public a service…


2 responses to “HA HA HA

  1. Ah, Benny boy, gotta love him!

  2. Gotta laugh at their stupidity!

    And thanks to FightDemBack for making them look as dumb as they really are…

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