NZ Idol blog

I’m sick of talking about politics and I’m watching NZ Idol, so thought I’d share the pain with you all.

Firstly, what the hell is up with Jessie? I was watching his performance thinking “Damn this is crap” and then all the judges just drooled all over him. What’s up that? I hate to think what’s coming that if Jessie was one of the best.

Wait, the next guy is a little better, he has nice voice control. But the sound is pretty crap, who’s engineering this? Sheesh. His name was Frank, and the judges seem to like it too. He obviously had an attitude problem and saw the light and pulle dhis head in. Oooh, what drama!

Rosita is next (sorry if it’s spelt wrong) and she’s doing Jill Scott, which is a good start in my books. Jesus, she’s fantastic! I’d pay lots to see her on stage with Jill Scott! She’s a bloody natural. If I cared about this shit, I would want her to win. Seems the judges too, they just went up in my books.


Then we have Steve (mate), doing Santana, hmmm. He’s icky. But can he sing alright, even if he tries too hard. And the judges agree with me 😉 (and I’m not going to hold it against him that he’s from Invercargill)

Yay some reggae with Rongo doing a Katchafire cover. Bonus points are due for doing a NZ song, but he’s not really doing himself any favours with this song. It’s not the best of songs and it seems like he could do better with a better song… Judges are a bit iffy too.


Next one is Teresa and boy she can sing. It’s not a song I like (at all) but I can see that’s it not an easy one to sing, and she’s pulling it off. Judges agree.

Advertisement (aren’t these becoming more frequent?)

Nik is last (which is good, cause I don’t think I can handle this much longer). And doing a Darkness cover. Aargh, he’s awful, kill him now.

Right, I’ve run out of NZ Idol tolerance for another 12 months, TV Off!!


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