Another Milestone/Millstone

Now if you were to wander over to the Green Party Tertiary Education campaign page you would notice something quite significant has happened to the debt counter. Yes folks, at lunchtime it hit $8 BILLION dollars.

I went up to Victoria to check out HRH’s visit and it was quite incredible. Labour got their shit together this time and had a parge bunch of supporters there with stacks of helium filled balloons (although we did wonder if it was in fact nitrous…). The balloons were a good tactic, because when the rabble of Nats turned up, they couldn’t be seen past the balloons.

But it was like a feckin rock concert! These Labour people were screaming and chanting “Helen, Helen!” and I was kind of stuck in the middle feeling like I was in the twilight zone or something. Her speech was pretty cool. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen Helen give a public speech of that nature and it was quite fun to see her all rarked up like that. I certainly couldn’t imagine Don Brash looking like he was having that much fun…

Talking about issues affecting young people, click here to hear our Sydney-based candidate being interviewed on Hack on Triple J. Go James!


One response to “Another Milestone/Millstone

  1. yeah, i was impressed by helen too 🙂 yay for well-deployed rhetoric.

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