Don might not be racist…

But I did find it highly entertaining today while out campaigning to the lovely people in Wellington when some bogan started abusing us. We entered into friendly dialogue with the gentleman and it turned out he was wanting to vote for Don Brash because “he’s the only one that will take us into war to defend the white race”.

Now with friends like that, who needs enemies?


2 responses to “Don might not be racist…

  1. You are try to say that no stupid people vote for the Greens then? This is such a bullshit arugement… people are stupid, no matter who they vote for

  2. Nope actually I didn’t try and say that. It was more a reflection of sympathy for Don Brash that he has people like that badly advocating his cause. FYI, I now know who that person I saw yeasterday was, and he’s not a very nice person at all.

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