Saying it like it is

Radical Youth welcome our new overlords.

The spectacle that was the General election has been and gone, your obedient and doting youth are still as marginalized as ever. While we cannot vote we appreciate the fact that you who are so wise and noble are willing to make decisions for us.

We also like the fact that you so intelligently restrict you’re voting to once every three years, and don’t get to say what policies you like or disagree with. And as youth we really don’t really mind that we are still discriminated against and disenfranchised.

We especially like that we get paid less for doing exactly the same work. The election was great to watch, we think it was great that you all bought the messages that the parties sold to you. We think the lines about economic growth being the underpinning of our society were the best.

We demand a world in which the voices of youth are heard, and one where the decisions that will affect our lives are actually made by us. The politicians have no regard for the youth. Why else then, would there be such a blatant disregard for issues such as global warming, which, although only beginning to express itself, will affect us our entire lives? You’ve failed us, by creating a world that relies on the destruction of the very systems of life that sustain us to maintain unrestricted material growth, meanwhile poverty afflicts every nation and exploitation is incorporated into law.

Our generation has been handed a vision that requires continual consumption devoid of meaning.
And we have bought into it as never before (advertising and television tell us who and what to worship.)

We don’t want a new world, we want this one back!
And we’ll do whatever it takes to reclaim control of our lives.
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5 responses to “Saying it like it is

  1. ha! you beat me to it! (and I had good reason to put it on my site too 😉

    Better than any other post election propaganda out there at the moment!

    Love those Radical Youth!

  2. Children should be seen and not heard

    (tongue firmly in cheek)

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