Isn’t it funny how on Blogger just above the text box is the ‘recover post’ link, this is kind of like a recovery post. So the election is finally over, sort of. And thank god the initial media frenzy around the potential government discussions has calmed down, I think they all finally figured out that when the politicians keep telling them that we won’t know until the specials are out, they actually meant it.

So what does the next term hold for the Greens? Well, who knows. It all depends on the specials and if Nandor gets back in, which I think he probably will. We worked out that there’s about a 85% chance of getting him back. And I really really hope we do. Firstly, because we need someone in there proactively working on positive solutions to the Corrections mess. The idea of building more prisons is about as sensible as building more roads to get rid of traffic. We need some serious investment in the prison education programme. I must say I was amused to read Graeme Capill moaning about the lack of access to education. What was he expecting? It’s not all lounging around watching TV as people of his ilk tend to think it is. I have heard stories of people in prison spending six months trying to get hold of the prison educator and giving up. And these are people with post high school education. Can you imagine what it’s like for people who dropped out before School C? One of the things that Nandor has worked really well with the government on has been corrections issues and I’d like to see him there pushing habilitation centres and better education services during the next term. So yeah, bring back Nandor!!

But back to the Greens in general.. I want to see Jeanette as Minister of Energy, if we can get that, I will be happy. But to be honest, another term on the cross benches with a bit more Budget will satisfy me.

As for me, I’m having a well earned rest, and getting ready for a big development in my life. I will reveal soon…

But I just want to say thanks and well-done to all the volunteers from all the parties in this election. It was a messy election but all the people I had dealings with treated each other with respect, no matter what party they were from. I think that’s a sign of a healthy democracy. Yay for us.


One response to “Deflation…

  1. enjoying the commentary kakariki,
    and hope your next project goes well 🙂

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