I’m in Tauranga at the moment soaking up the fantastic sun. People round here think it’s cold, but compared to Wellington it’s tropical!

I haven’t seen Winston, or Bob Clarkson, but did manage to squeeze in a visit to the hotel where that guy threatened to blow himself up if he didn’t get to see Helen. It wasn’t that exciting… But across the road is Bella Mia the Italian restaurant which I HIGHLY recommend if you’re visiting Tauranga. Especially their pizza bread, it’s to die for!

I’m missing Wellington, especially since there’s been some great protest activity going on recently. I already mentioned the Weapons Conference, but for those of you who missed it, the National Front were out demoing again in the weekend. I hear it was entertaining. Although from the photos on Indymedia, doesn’t look like any of the NF crew were having much fun. Or maybe they’re just not allowed to enjoy themselves. I was sad not to be there, especially after the amount of fun I had last year. I even had a CD ready to go. I was planning on playing ‘All you fascists bound to lose’ by Woody Guthrie, over and over and over really loud.

Anyhoo, email to catch up on. If you’re bored, play Monomatch it’s great!!!


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