IALYSBSYDD – Coming Soon!

I’ve discovered something quite evil about not having a job. Apart from the fact you never know what bloody day it is, it quite seriously messes with your body clock. Take right now for example, I have to be up at 6.30 to drive to Auckland and I can’t bloody sleep! This may have something to do with the fact that I spent the greater proportion of this last weekend drinking Lindauer, therefore most of Sunday asleep, but I think the problem was there before that.

So what am I doing up in the wee hours? Looking at Australian blogs. I figured I should find some new friends. I started with my mate Darp cause he seems to know everyone and he did win some award for his blog. And I found heaps of neat stuff!

For a start John Howard’s blog. The posting isn’t that frequent but exceptionally good quality satire. Then I checked out another buddy Dr Cam Sexenheimer who turns out to be 10 times weirder than I previously thought. I already knew about Weezil’s blog but took the time to have a read, and thought I’d mention it here so Darp will see it and might update the link he has cause it’s like, so wrong!

Then I stumbled across Ms Cynic at Watchdog of the Wankers. As I read the top post I realised this was to be the last, which saddened me and obviously her regular readers. Coincidentally, the next blog I read was Annonymous Lefty commenting on the departure of Ms Satire and the inability of blogland to catch up with reality when things go bad. And it got me thinking, we’ve had one blogger that I know of in Aotearoa depart to the land of next. And we did find that out. But what would happen to some of our blogs? Has the blogging phenomena developed to the point now where we should be leaving logins with a loved one in case of departure? Will people be leaving a final post as a part of their will? I predict a future phenomena will be blogs dedicated towards linking to blogs of dead people. I know a couple of angsty teenagers that would totally dig that!

For the record, I think Asher would probably know first, so if you really care about me, bookmark Asher too and I’ll make him tell you all if I die. (he he Asher, did you see that? I got all cunning and told people to link to you, damn I’m a clever pants!).

Anyhoo, so I read a few more blogs and came to the realisation that there’s some bloody interesting people out there in the world. But it seems some of them only get interesting when they’re online and behind a pseudonym. Which I think really sucks! When I go walking down Lambton Quay I see all these boring suits, but what I never realised is that they’re all probably being boring outside and then running home to their computers to be fun and interesting.


I reckon the time has come for a International Act Like Your Blog Says You Do Day. One day a year set aside for people to be flambouyant, revolutionary, smart-ass, or maybe even dull and boring and just reciting news articles all day. But it could be interesting. So, cause I can’t wait too long for this to happen or I’ll forget, I declare the 10th of November to be International Act Like Your Blog Says You Do Day or IALYBSYDD for Wellingtonian Acronym Fetishists or WAFs. I’ll make a wee button and we can all spread the word!


5 responses to “IALYSBSYDD – Coming Soon!

  1. I tend to follow John Quiggin and Larvatus Prodeo. The Australian Labour First syndication service is also kindof useful.

    As for IALYBSYDD, refusing to turn right under any circumstances would make it rather difficult to get to the bathroom in the mornings.

  2. Thanks for the links. Yes I can see how IALYBSYDD would be slightly difficult for you. But you gotta admit, it would be fun trying!

  3. alright, i’ll tell. make it not soon though.

    – Asher

  4. Thanks Asher and I’ll do my best to make sure it’s not soon! Although I did good job of trying last night. Tripped over someones foot last night and did an incredible face flant in the middle of a nightclub in Sydney. I now have a very big bruise on my forehead. Not terribly classy!

  5. Incidentally, I don’t think we are the only acronym fetishists, I think it’s a worldwide disease….

    And I’m pretty close to how I blog, although in order to be fair to it’s name, I guess I would have to have a 2nd personality….–>

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