Black GST

Amongst all of the exceptionally cool things I’ve found out about and am getting involved with since I’ve arrived in Melbourne is the Black GST crew. As you all know the Stolenwealth Games is on in Melbourne next year and this crew is using this wonderful event to highlight the cost to indigenous people the spread of the Commonwealth has been.

Black GST have got heaps of cool stuff planned and I’m really looking forward to getting involved in their work. The attitude of the majority of Australians towards Aborigine people is absolutely appalling and helping deal with that attitude is one thing I’ve been really wanting to get involved in. Partly because I was sick of hearing racist New Zealanders use Australian racists as an excuse not to address their own behaviour. ‘Well, at leats we’re better than the Australians, we signed a Treaty’ Yeah but you haven’t fucking honoured it and most of you want to get rid of it! Sigh…

Check out the website


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