Invitation to celebrate Rod Donald’s life

Celebration of the life of Rod Donald

The Melbourne-based Aotearoa Greens would like to invite all Victoria Greens, ex-pat kiwis and other environmentalists to celebrate the life of Rod Donald MP.

Rod Donald was Co-Leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand and passed away suddenly on the 6th of November.

Rod was well-known to many Australians as a result of his many campaigning visits to drum up support amongst ex-pat kiwi voters and to help support the work of the Australian Green Party for their many campaigns.

Rod was a key player in bringing about proportional representation at the MMP referendum in 1993. Over the years his work has included community development in the Avon Loop in Christchurch, coordinating recycling for the city and leading Trade Aid nationally.

He was a passionate supporter of New Zealand manufacturing and self-reliance and of keeping jobs in New Zealand.

In Parliament he has fought for justice, for exploited Asian workers in sweatshops through the Greens’ fair trade campaign and for the people of Zimbabwe in his efforts to highlight human right abuses in that country.

Rod was supposed to be attending the Melbourne Social Forum this weekend.

All are welcome to come remember and celebrate Rod’s life over a few beers this Sunday (20th November) night in the Garden Bar at The Standard Hotel, Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne from 6.30pm.


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