What’s the story?

Yeah I know, I’ve been slack. But I’ve been so bloody busy!

I’m working hard out with the Black GST campaign. On Sunday night went to this awesome gig at the Spanish Club in Fitzroy. Met heaps of amazing people and had the most outrageous boogie that I’ve had since I’ve been here. It was a reggae/hip hop gig so I felt quite at home. I particularly recommend Combat Wombat if you’re into conscious as hip hop. They blew my mind! The next Black GST event is the Black Comedy event this Sunday at 2pm at Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy. It;s a free gig, so come along! there’s an awesome lineup and Lentil as Anything are doing the food, yum!

Still haven’t managed to sort out a permanent job or somewhere to live but I am making progress on both fronts. I landed a short IT consultancy project which will make me a wee bit of dosh. So another thing to add to the CV. Melburnians listen up! If you need an IT consultant, I can help 🙂

I have been particularly amused by some of the transtasman politics as of late. It has been particularly fun rubbing it in the faces of locals that the NZ PM stands up for Aussie drug traffickers on death row when their own PM won’t – he he. But the one that always gets thrown back in my face is the fact that Winston is Foreign Affiars Minister now. People here don’t seem to know that much about NZ politics, but they’ve all heard of him – sigh.

Til next time!



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