International Human Rights Day 2005 Rally

nternational Human Rights Day 2005 Rally


Resist racism * Stop religious vilification * Defend civil liberties * Defend workers rights

RALLY Details

1pm, Saturday December 10

State Library

(After the rally finishes, come to a concert organised by Multicultural Arts Victoria at the old Melbourne Gaol – see below for more details).

Human rights in Australia are under attack. For many years refugees have been locked up without charge and been subjected to the most appalling abuses or released on temporary visas and treated as second class citizens.

These abuses continue however now, other groups in our community face similar treatment.

Under the new anti-terror laws, critics of the Government could face sedition charges. Terror suspects can be placed under house arrest for twelve months without charge.

Moreover, thanks to government and media scare-mongering, Muslim Australians now live in fear of hate crimes and official harassment.

New workplace laws mean that building workers can be jailed for exercising their right to silence. And the basic rights of all workers – to collectively bargain and to job security – are also being attacked.

Indigenous Australians continue to die in custody and are subjected to Third World living conditions.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government has now enshrined discrimination against same-sex couples in law.

What all this shows is that if the human rights of one group in our community can be treated as an exception, then very soon those of other groups will be too.

We must stop the rot before it goes any further. And together we can; by uniting and standing up to these attacks.

At 1pm on 10 December join thousands of Victorians in coming together to demand respect for human rights, in Australia and around the world.


* Oppose the “anti-terror laws”
* Freedom and full rights for all refugees
* End vilification of Muslims.
* End racial profiling of people of Middle Eastern descent
* Troops out of Iraq
* Justice, land rights and sovereignty for Indigenous Australians
* End black deaths in custody
* Stop the attacks on workers’ rights
* Equal rights for same sex couples

Rally endorsed by: Refugee Action Collective, Stop the War Coalition, Islamic Council of Victoria, Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation, Indigenous Social Justice Organisation, Radical Women, Freedom Socialist Party, Equal Love Campaign, International Social Organisation, Justice for Jack Campaign (Civil Rights Defence), Australia Asia Worker Links, Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative, Moreland Peace Group, Fitzroy Peace Group, Australian Greens (Victoria).

For more info or to get posters or flyers, contact 9639 8622 or 0413 756 808. Planning meetings held at 7pm each Tuesday at Trades Hall.

To donate money to help pay for rally publicity, deposit money in Commonwealth Bank Acct 063 262 Account 1025 2396


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