Nice example of culture jamming

The Melbourne Age reports that some billboards have been ‘adjusted’ in Melbourne. For those of you who don’t live here the original ones were a source of entertainment to me. They were along the lines of “Attention fare evaders: you suck so much that we have to put notices up to tell you”. And they sit quite nicely alongside the “Attention Passengers: If you see anything remotely suspicious, please tell us so we can justify our terrorism budget expenditure” posters.

So this jam works really nicely in my humble opinion. Especially since we’re starting the slow slide into terorrism paranoia with the upcoming Stolenwealth Games in March.

But didn’t ya love the Minister’s reaction

“These ads are offensive, they are stupid and they should be pulled down, and the Government is making it very clear today that we want these ads pulled down,” he said.

If it’s offensive to highlight the dangerous effects of stereotyping people based on their appearance then surely it can’t be offensive to promote the discrimination against people based on what they look like. Oh wait, that’s what fear campaigns are all about. Right, I get it now.


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