Tent Embassy

Wow I just had one of the most amazing few days of my life on a trip to Canberra to visit the Tent Embassy.

I was asked at the end of my time there what the highlight for me was. And I decided to share that further. The highlight was being given the opportunity to sit at the feet of elders and just listen. There are some truly amazing people involved in the campaign for Sovereignty in Australia and to be able to sit and listen to the tales of a lifetime of resistance was truly awe-inspiring. And it was terribly sad.

Some of the stories I heard over the last few days of genocide were heart-breaking to say the least and it makes me really sad that so few Australians know the true history of their past.

But the spirit there was amazing. There were plenty of successful meetings that went on. And a strong statement came out from the Embassy which amongst other things, declared the 26th of January Aboriginal Sovereignty Day.

What blew me away though was the spirit there. The fires are certainly burning strong and are only going to burn stronger this year.


3 responses to “Tent Embassy

  1. who did you hear,photos?
    many still there any plans for seed camp befor nexrt month?
    only general please only in itial .o ,mens circle
    lucky you,
    see ya all soon
    mal-borne here we come.

  2. Um, heard lots of people, there were heaps of elders there. Haven’t got any photos yet, I’ve got stacks of footage and I’ll be extracting some stills out of that at some point. I’ll post them up here. No idea about seed camp sorry.

    Yeah, bring on Melbourne! It’s heating up here!!

  3. Hi! Just a note to let you know that Bloggreen has been added to a library of links over at longwhitecloud.org.nz.



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