Haere Mai!

Welcome to the new and improved Bloggreen! Featuring Kakariki Films!

Yip folks the old sites are gone and the new one is up. It will take me a wee while to complete the transition, so posting will be a bit slow for a bit but I won’t be posting on the old ones anymore so please update your links. They’ll stay there for a little bit, but not forever.

I’d love feedback on the design/look/feel etc and of course I welcome your deep, intellectual banter on the plethora of wonderful issues I will be discussing in the future. Or you can just laugh at the dumb shit.

Welcome and enjoy



4 responses to “Haere Mai!

  1. Looks great! Of course, I’m biased, this is exactly the same theme I’ve got at the moment. Copycat! heehee
    No seriously, looks really good.
    Yeah the ‘pages’ concept with the tabs is really useful for those of us who run several projects and like to have it all running from the same source.
    Plus the password protected pages thing is useful for private stuff.
    I’ll be reading!

  2. Thanks Aketus! Awesome to have you around.

  3. lookin’ flash baby – well done!!

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