Edumacational book for the wee laddies and lassies

Big ups to Stephen DeVoy for his Anarchist Stories for Children book. Share it with your friends (big or small).


5 responses to “Edumacational book for the wee laddies and lassies

  1. Wow, this is really good. And what a lovely contrast from the disgusting examples of psychological abuse by white-supremacist parents to their children: Col Campbell’s Crusader Kids and it’s stories.
    I read ‘In Love with the White People’ and was almost ill. And not just because of the poor literature skill. *shudder*

  2. Stephen DeVoy is showing irresponsible parenting skills by publishing this crap. Children should not be politically indoctrinated at all by their parents, and the very act of “teaching” them anarchy is going to make pariahs out of them in school. Anarchists are, by definition, anti-authority and hold a disregard for laws and rules. This is what he wants to teach out children? I am appalled.

  3. Hold on. Are you advocating that we don’t teach children to read? All literature is by nature political. If you want kids to be ‘protected’ from learning political doctrine, don’t let them learn to read or watch TV, or talk to anyone, until they’re 18. I’m sure then they’ll be able to make really well informed decisions about the world around them.

  4. Jack Feldhaus :)

    Oh please. Your rather ludicrous semantics are abhorrant. This is OVERT political indoctrination of children, not the far more passive influences one finds on television or a mainstream book. Giving a child the false impression that the world is supposed to be happier without rules and/or authority is irresponsible parenting. Isn’t the upbringing currently being (non)given in the inner city neighborhoods already anarchy? What the hell is he thinking? A “successful” anarchist is a sure fire failure in the real world.

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