Wanker of the week


Let me introduce to you The Hon Peter McGauran MP, member for Gippsland. Now we should all be really thankful to Peter for being such a caring bloke. He’s got himself in a fluster for the poor corporations who are losing money because conscious consumers out there are talking to other people about what dodgy things some of these corporations are up and maybe even chosing not to buy their products.
From Indymedia

” the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, said that he is developing new legislation aimed at protests involving his portfolio. With specific reference to the recent protests about live sheep exports, he said that the legislation would be framed around the ‘intent to cause economic loss’. Protests and protestors that are shown to cause an economic loss to an industry would be held ‘criminally and civilly liable’ for such losses. He expressed the hope that this model legislation would be incorporated into the laws of State jurisdictions, but did not mention the possibility of the proposal becoming Federal law.

Under laws like this, environmental and animal rights protestors could be held responsible for the ‘economic harm’ they cause to businesses such as logging, mining, fishing, and live sheep exports when they run protest actions. The current proceedings against the ‘Gunns20’ involve claims of economic harm by protestors.”

So not only is he not prepared to support members of the public for standing up for their local commuities and environment, but he wants to punish anyone that’s good at it.

What a fucktard.

I wonder if he will include people who participate in product boycotts, pretty bloody hard to prove guilt there. I mean I thought capitalism was all about letting the market decide on what was going to be profitable. All the big corporates keep telling us that environmentally friendly products will be produced when the market calls for it. ‘Cause we’re consumers and that’s how it’s supposed to work. So how is the market supposed to make these decisions if it’s illegla? This guy obviously needs a lesson on capitalism.

In the meantime, I declare him Wanker of the Week, surely an Honourable title!


5 responses to “Wanker of the week

  1. Fuck’n hell. You sure that ain’t Darren Hughes back from the future and running Australia?

  2. If you mean the Darren Hughes I’m thinking of, this guy is too good looking 🙂

  3. OMG I didn’t see that before, you are so right!

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  5. I’m not so sure about Darren Hughes., but that a ‘gander’ at that little red headed warrior guy from movie’Beowulf’ (Wigluf ) Pete McGauran is a dead-ringer for him, no kidding!!

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