Going nuts on Extensions

So I’ve been installing AdBlock on a few friends computers recently and it reminded me to go and look and see if there’s any useful ones I haven’t seen before. Especially now I have a new host for the ol’ Blog. But before I move on, please go and get AdBlock if you haven’t already. Life will never be the same I promise.
So there’s a couple I want to recommend. Firstly Performancing kicks ass! It’s a blogging software which allows you to blog from a page you’re on. So if you see a news story that gets you going, press the wee button and up comes a frame which allows you to start blogging immediately. And it talks to most major blogging providers. Nice!

And the Technorati toolbar is also rather nice. Especially if you’re looking at blogs and news a lot. Does what you’d think it does. Automatically does a Technorati search for you on the page you’re on. And re-searches when you change tabs. Nice!

Finally, Colourful Tabs is simple, yet so much easier on the eyes! Good for those of us online a lot.

Hope you enjoy those ones like I am.


One response to “Going nuts on Extensions

  1. pretty. me likes your new shiny place.

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