Graffiti Games

So if you’ve not got enough to do with the Stolenwealth Games and feel an artistic streak within you, check out the Graffitti Games.
Graffitti Games

Very Cool.


10 responses to “Graffiti Games

  1. safe wots crackerlateing

  2. the way you can cut down graffiti is to have cops on duty at night time

  3. Or you could just recognise the fact that graffiti artists – as opposed to taggers – are about the beautification of city spaces and encourage street art on all those boring blank walls. You never know, it might just enrich our lives a bit!

  4. maybe we would have less graff on the streets if the cities gave us walls were we could express ourselves…..we have basketball courts, soccer fields, football fields….but were are the public art walls?

  5. Totally agree, and put them in accessible places! There’s a couple of ‘official’ graffiti walls I’ve seen in Melbourne and they’re miles away from anywhere in places with zero pedestrian traffic so noone to appreciate the work.

  6. dis site is crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for your constructive criticism…

  8. Hi Mads so I found out that you got bebo and added my sister as a friend. See you on Monday, hope you have a nice weekend. Lots of love Ben Ben x x x x x x x x

  9. hmm think you have me confused with someone else…

  10. bLeSt---> aOdKrEw (LoS aNgElEs, CaLiFoRnIA)

    People don’t appreciate the fact that we are great artists…well most of us… the only thing we are trying to do is to make the world a little bit more colorful, instead of having this blank boring ass world… art is not a crime…

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