I’m seriously impressed with this one!

CLEAN FlyerYou’re invited to the opening of CLEAN on Wednesday 15th March from 6.00pm. As night falls, take a wander down Hosier Lane and find yourself immersed in a demented dialogue between Melbourne’s forgotten populations and the 2006 Commonwealth Games urban polish. Come have a drink, dance to the live sounds of Spoonbill, check out the ambush-style audio installation and laugh as we get down and dirty with a live video remix of the city’s public sporting festivities. Misty / Hosier Lane, between Flinders St and Flinders Lane, opposite ACMI. Pass on the word…

From 15 March– 2 April 2006, CLEAN takes the roar of the crowd, the breathless excitement of victorious athletes and the sparkling spokespersons’ speeches out of their official context and hides them amongst the bins and cobbles of one of Melbourne’s best-known laneways, Hosier Lane. An array of hidden speakers will celebrate the stories of the homeless, embarrassing doping scandals, fierce protests and the drunken revelry of tourists alongside sound-bites, speeches and anthems. CLEAN explores what it means to scrub up a city in the name of sport. Check for more information about the project. CLEAN is part of the 2006 Next Wave Festival – Empire Games.

CLEAN is also being produced as a 30-minute piece for the ABC Radio National’s Night Air and will be broadcast nationwide at 8.30pm on Sunday March 26 during the Commonwealth Games.

Nicolas Low from CLEAN will be presenting the opening lecture in the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy & RMIT’s Philosophy and Architecture 2006 series. Come down to RMIT on Thursday 9th March at 8.00pm to hear a discusion of CLEAN and the politics of public space during major international events, as well as a sneak preview of the audio. We’ll be looking at the relationship between carefully orchestrated displays of national / civic pride, and the city’s organic, subterranean economies which are both threatened by, and resistant to the public spectacle. RMIT Theatre 8.11.68 (enter via Swanston St: Bldg 8, level 11, theatre 68 – to the right of the lifts). Free, all welcome.


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