Sound bite of the day

"The Australian Federal Police takes seriously all allegations of misconduct by officers, and does not condone the use of psychics in security matters."

he he. The story isn't that interesting, but shit that quote cracked me up!

What else? Oh, everyone's favourite Mayor paid a visit to Camp Sovereignty on Friday night. Much to the delight of the journo that got the scoop on the story!

Hamilton proves once again how truly cool a place it is..

And quite possibly one of the most amusing Google spoofs I've seen in a while…


3 responses to “Sound bite of the day

  1. Can’t see the google spoof…

  2. Hmm.. maybe open your eyes? (he he) I’ve looked at it on a couple of computers now and I see it fine.. What Browser are you using?

  3. George Darroch

    It’s ok, can see it kinda. On IE at uni… very funny though – did you find it yourself?

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