Google Trends

Frog pointed out the other day that NZers are more likely to search for things like peak oil, climate change and kyoto.  But I had a nerdy play and discovered that NZers are also the most likely to search for 'Paris Hilton'.

However our surfers are letting the side down and we're only second for searching 'George Bush jokes'.  Funnily enough, Ireland beat us on that one, maybe they're all out there searching for counter-jokes.. 

But as interesting as that game is, I reckon Google Trends would be a hell of a lot more interesting and would be actually useful if it had real numbers attached to it. 


3 responses to “Google Trends

  1. My girlfriend’s mate runs Trendwatcher

    Which might be of interest…

    Fuck Google 🙂

  2. Ok, you’ve had a break………

    when you coming back??

  3. Getting there..

    There’s about three really bit posts that I’ve almost finished…

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