Congratulations Dr Norman!

It's not really news but for those of you living in a cupboard under some stairs somewhere, Russel Norman is the new Co-Leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand.

I want to take a moment to say Yay Russel!  Congratulations man, you worked really hard for this.  And best wishes for the future.

I also want to say a big congratulations to Roland Sapsford who is the new Male Co-Convenor of the Party.  I think Roland will be great at this role and I think the Party can only benefit from him being in it.   Also my thanks to outgoing Male Co-Co Paul De Spa for his awesome work during his time in the role.  I worked with him a bit in that capacity and always found him great to work with.

Finally I want to say how inspired this weekend has left me.  For a number of years I'd been a bit concerned about the lack of strong male leaders we had floating around.  As has been observed, there's plenty of talented women around but the men have not been as focussed on leadership development as they could've been.  This weekend proved me wrong and that makes me very happy 🙂

Go Green! 


One response to “Congratulations Dr Norman!

  1. George Darroch

    My sincere congrats to Russell and Roland too. They’re both highly inspiring male leaders a lot of campaign experience (in both senses), with great sincerity and integrity.

    Once again I’m greatful for the democratic consensus building style of operation and leadership that works so well for the Greens. It’d be nice to see others try it!

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