Well today is a special day.  It is now 9 months since I’ve been in Australia.

On an irrelevant note, last night I went shopping for various things, among them was an egg beater.  Now I’ve been trying to get an egg beater for some time now (in pursuit of the perfect biscuit..) and they are really, really hard to find.  I’d previously been to two different department stores and they didn’t have any. 

Last night I took a deep breath and went to Target to hunt one down.  I went to the utensil aisle and they had so many different utensils but not one single egg beater!  I flagged down a shop assistant and asked if they had a secret stash somewhere.  She had a look at the aisle (just in case my eyes don’t work I guess) and then went ‘ooh, they’re over here!’ and took me to the electric egg beaters.  I told her I didn’t want an electric one and she looked at me as if I was Amish and then walked off with out another word.

So I left and trudged dejectedly up the street thinking that I was never going to find one.  Finally I found a kitchen ware store and walked in.  The man smiled as I entered and asked me how I was going and if he could help.  I said ‘yes I’m looking for an egg beater’ and he said ‘ooh you’re in luck I have one here’.  So I finally found one!

I relayed my now resolved plight to the man in the shop and he sympathised with my frustrations.  Apparently it’s equally hard to source egg beaters these days.  Noone wants to lovingly beat their eggs anymore!  It’s all about electric appliances and egg beaters happen to be one of the cheapest you can get so the hand operated models are losing the battle.

What is the world coming to?

More to the point, what the hell is happening to me if I am getting this obsessed with hand operated kitchen utensils.


4 responses to “Indoctrination

  1. I’ll do a deal. I’ll trade you a moulis for an egg beater. Buggered if I can find one anywhere. For the uninitiated, a moulis is basically a sieve with a handle to push the crap through the holes, and it’s the best thing to make gnocchi with. Electric processors end up with potato custard instead of melt-in-the-mouth dumplings. A little help here?

  2. Yep, I remember the Mouli! They don’t destroy the food but gently mash it.

    Nah, hand powered is the way to go. They last almost forever too, and you can use them where you don’t have electricity.

  3. Elliott Weinstein

    I, too, like hand operated tools. I feel that I’m in control, not the squirrel at the power plant. The one disadvantage with the hand powered egg beater is the you need two hands to work it. What would you think about a “one-handed” hand powered egg beater? (I like to reach for ingredients, etc., while I’m beating) I’ve jest finished the design work of just such a gadget, and I don’t see anything like it on the market. Would YOU buy one of these?


  4. Might do! Especially once I have a wee person running around my ankles…

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