Like peas in a pod…

I’m sure most people would’ve heard by now that Ian Ewen-Street has joined the National Party *snigger*  So much for retiring from politics to spend more time with his family…

I’ve certainly had plenty of emails and text messages from people going ‘oh my god!’.  Now I don’t know about most people but I wasn’t surprised in the least.

In the interests of positive politics, I won’t go into details about exactly how much I dislike Ian Ewen-Street.  But I would like to offer some advice to the National Party.  Especially as I see that Mr Farrar has already got himself all excited about this..

If I was the National Party I wouldn’t touch Ian with a ten foot barge pole.  Ian is quite possibly the most dishonest person I have ever met.  He is also one of the laziest people I have ever met.  He is one of those people that was only in politics for the good salary and the junkets.  I would like to say that he also worked hard on the issues that he was passionate about.  But I would be lying.

Ian was very good at getting other people to do the work for him and then taking all the credit without acknowledging the efforts of those who helped him.   He was also very good at blaming those people for work he hadn’t done himself when he had promised to do so.  Ian has no problems with blatant lying to cover his own ass.

Some people might at this point chose to ask why Ian was ranked so high on the Party list if he was really this bad.  And it’s a question I often asked myself.  Then I started paying attention to how he was acting at Party meetings/conferences etc and I saw how good a smooth talker he was.  I even overheard him telling someone with great pride about all this work he’d done on a particular issue when I knew for a fact that one of our other MPs had in fact done all that work without an ounce of input from Ian.  I was constantly amazed to see the lengths that he went to cover his own incompetence.

Personally I ranked Ian at the very bottom of my List in the last ranking process and I most certainly advocated for others to do the same.

But if the National Party want to add someone to their backbench that is lazy, never does any work, only goes to functions to puff their chest with delusions of self grandeur and is exceptionally dishonest they need look no further than Ian. 

I wish them the best of luck.


10 responses to “Like peas in a pod…

  1. George Darroch

    God he was/is a bastard. He did nothing but hold the party back. I can’t think of anything meaningful he achieved in six years, apart from keeping pretty hard working and intelligent people out of parliament.

    Some misguided members voted him in because he was seen to represent ‘conservative’ green interests – the people who care about the environment but not social issues, if my memories serve me well. The problem is that he didn’t even do that well.

  2. Like it or not, there is a large constituency that believes environmental issues are not necessarily mutually exclusive to the need for economic growth. Managed well, he could (notwithstanding any truth in your (defamatory) comments) collect enough votes as at 2005 to change the govt. He won’t be managed well and by this time next week everyone will have forgotten this story existed.

  3. “But if the National Party want to add someone to their backbench that is lazy, never does any work, only goes to functions to puff their chest with delusions of self grandeur and is exceptionally dishonest they need look no further than” …………… most of their caucus!

  4. Hi Rickai

    I am quite aware that there is that large constituency, in fact I would consider myself to be a part of it. I strongly believe in the need for economic growth, however this growth needs to be sustainable and needs to be based on the premise that we life on a finite planet with finite resources.

    Given that the Don Brash doesn’t even believe in Climate Change (as if it’s a theory, that you can chose to believe in or not), I fail to see what major influences Ian is going to be able to make without a big shift in National Party thinking.

    Mind you, I will always have faith that these things can happen. I distinctly remember the shift in Brash’s approach to Maori after he read Michael King’s History of NZ. Maybe he might read a book about Climate Change based on science and another lightbulb will switch on (so to speak).

    And I’m sure if the new environmental policy team in the National Party wanted some advice on environmental issues, the Greens would be happy to point them towards some useful experts.

  5. I don’t know. After a description like that I’m surprised he Joined national. Seems like ideal NZ first material.

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  7. Ian = smooth talker, very lazy, immaculate desk, loved the pomp the free meals and bullshit of it all, was never really a greenie, talked himself up, useless musterer, definitely not concerned about the underprivileged in our society, can’t seem to see that social justice and the environment are part of the jigsaw can’t have one without other. BUT very anti GE, odd how will that work.

    When is he paying the Greens superfund back the money he owes it?

  8. you are one nasty bitch red parrot

  9. Really? I thought I was being rather restrained.

  10. I am not quite sure how telling the truth about someone who one worked with for close to six years makes one into a nasty bitch red parrot. The problem is so many people pussy-foot around someones ability to do the job. Or in this case not do the job!

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