Sponsor a Snail

The Save Happy Valley Coalition have come up with a great new fundraiser.  And they’re offering up a guided tour.  I know quite a few people that have been down there (or are still there) and it’s apparently an amazing place.  It would be really stupid to put a coal mine there…

Help the Save Happy valley campaign by purchasing a Powelliphanta Augustus  snail sponsorship certificate. Only costs $10 and is limited to only 500 snails, and you get to name your sponsored snail. All proceeds go towards Save Happy Valleys judicial review of conservation minister Chris Carter’s decision to allow state-owned miners to remove this threatened snail species from its home on the west Coast to get the coal from underneath.

Check the website for more details.


3 responses to “Sponsor a Snail

  1. best of luck with the pregnancy – we’re expecting in november too – all sorts of thoughts going through my head – shitting myself and looking forward to it in equal measure.
    E noho rā

  2. Great idea! I guess it would be too much to hope that you could visit “your” snail (and perhaps get a photo).

    The coal will provide us with a few more years of dirty energy, leaving us with a hole in the ground where the landscape used to be. I’d rather have the flora and fauna thanks – we can find our energy somewhere else (or perhaps we could consider using less).


  3. Hi FarmGeek
    Yeah you can visit “your” snail. The Happy Valley crew have got tours going up there to see how absolutely gorgeous it all is. Check their website for details.

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