Facts getting in the middle of a good story

In the weekend I had the gorgeous pleasure of going to the Regent Theatre to see a film as a part of the International Film Festival.  Wow what a stunning venue!

And I’m slightly suprised to say that I highly recommend going to see ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.  This is of course the film made by Al Gore about Climate Change.  And it is very well made.

From what I understand it was produced by the people who did Seinfeld who approached Gore after seeing one of his slideshows and going ‘Jesus we need to make a movie out of this!’.  So the effect of non political junkies making this film is that the story is really well told and presented.  While there is a ton of information and raw data presented in the film, you never really get the feeling yuo’re being lectured or preached at.

Sure there was a little bit of Gore sentimentality in it which might not appeal so much to some people.  In fact, I was nearly in stitches when Gore started talking about losing faith in democracy..  But over all this film is excellent and I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who has never managed to get their head around all the issues (Don, this means you brother).

I understand that An Inconvenient Truth showed at the Festival in Wellington but hasn’t been put out for general release in NZ yet.  So when it does, see it!

If you can’t wait until then, the Greens are doing a fundraising screeing at the Penthouse.  Details as follows:

The Al Gore Movie “An Inconvenient Truth” screens on 12th September at the Penthouse cinema, Brooklyn.

This film has been shown to audiences world-wide and was a sell-out at its screening at the Wellington International Film Festival last week.

As well as showing the horrendous global effects of global warming, Gore outlines the economic and political tools that we can use to tackle these problems – and is line with Green thinking by pointing out that environmental protection is good for the economy.

The Wellington Green Party is organising a PREVIEW screening of this film on Tuesday 12th September, prior to its general release.
We have booked a screen at the Penthouse Cinema in Brooklyn, Wellington and refreshments will be available from 5.30pm with a 6pm start for the movie.

Tickets are $15 each and are available NOW from the Green Party’s national office at 16 Cambridge Tce.  All proceeds will go to the Green Party.

Please support the party’s fundraising efforts and view this absolute MUST SEE movie!

You can purchase tickets by sending payment to the Green Party, PO Box 11 652, with your name and return address (preferably a stamped self-addressed envelope please) or in person from the office.

Please distribute this message amongst your friends and networks, thank you.


2 responses to “Facts getting in the middle of a good story

  1. Its screening in Palmerston North tonight and Sunday; I have my ticket already.

  2. Saw this film too (also at the Regent in Melbourne, how about that) and would absolutely thoroughly endorse it, big time. It’s definitely aimed at the ‘unconverted’ – it’s simple and logical, has enough facts, and is non-partisan enough to be inclusive, I hope. But it’s also reasonably uplifting for the ‘converted’, so worth seeing anyway. Bit of a slow start but ends up packing a shitload of material in. Go Al.

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