Where the Bloody hell are ya?

Did you know that only 1 in 30 Australians regularly donate blood but 1 in 3 Australians will need blood products some time in their lifetime?

Well now you do.

Did you also know that the Australian Red Cross Blood Service is currently urgently seeking blood donors to help deal with dangerously low blood stocks?

Well now you do. In fact for some blood types there is less than a days supply in all of Australia. That is bad.

I can’t give blood now due to the whole pregnancy thing so I’m asking all of you lot to do so on my behalf, especially if you live in Australia!

If you are eligible to donate, please call 13 14 95 TODAY to book in a time to donate. It doesn’t take long and you get milkshakes and muffins!


Heard on the radio this morning that there is less than 36 hours of O Negative blood supply in the whole of Australia and the Red Cross is URGENTLY seeking blood donors to come in and meet demand. Apparently they need 21,000 donations every week!

So if you haven’t donated in the last 3 months and you are an eligible donor, call now! 13 14 95 that’s 13 14 95


2 responses to “Where the Bloody hell are ya?

  1. Doesn’t help that former UK residents are ineligible though… We must be all still expected to start mooing at any minute.

  2. Unfortunately the only accurate screen for Mad Cows Disease at present requires a brain tissue sample. Don’t think many potential donors will be too keen on that somehow. Athough I did hear that some scientists in Canada are getting pretty close to a reliable screen..

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