First finished stitch!

I know I’m bound to get shit for this one but it was for a friend who was just been through the worst possible boy shit, so it’s appropriate.


6 responses to “First finished stitch!

  1. LMAO. Anyone gives you a hard time about that has no sense of humour.

    Baby poo is sooo not a big deal – I’ve changed lots and lots and lots of nappies and I have to say, baby poo is a good indicator of health – expect to be checking the contents of nappies closely.

  2. haha, nice one 🙂

    much love to you..

  3. I’m the friend that went through the boy shit and is the grateful recipient of this amazing and appropriate piece. Anyone who gives you a hard time can have a chat to me!

    Love you loads and long time sugar,

  4. Wood Luvva here. Great to see these pages …

    Almost inspired to take the ideas into the woodwork scene which are similarly full of similarly nauseating homages to fossil fuel addictions – trucks, locomotives, cranes & cars ….. aaargghhhh.. Hmmm I am thinking – “Smash through the Concrete – plant a Nut Tree” carved/burnt into our home/farm grown timber.

    Boys are Poos is entertaining but what about an adult gender bending version –
    ” Boys can be real c**ts ” ?

  5. Excellent stuff! Send me photos of any finished stuff and I’ll put it on here to inspire others!

    Yay 😀

  6. I’m shocked!

    And ah… stunned!

    (Ha ha ha!)

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