Embroidery activism

Check out the work of Lise Bjorn at Women of Juarez

The exhibition will feature an installation by Norwegian artist Lise Bjorne. Lise’s project will be an installation made up of hundreds of labels embroidered with the names of the dead and missing women from Ciudad Juarez. The embroidery will be done on an international scale through various small workshops with each participant embroidering one woman’s name onto a label while the group is being presented the situation in Juarez and discussing the problem.

That’s cool.

I’d thought about doing a similar thing myself.  There’s a horrific sex slave trade for young girls (yes that’s girls not women, like as young as 7) where the girls get the name of their owner tattooed on their arm.  When one of them gets sold, the old name gets crossed out and a new owner name tattooed on. Some of them have a long list.  Possibly one of the most sickening things I have ever heard about.

I was going to do a cross stitch of a long list of the names of all of these scum that could possibly do that to another human, let along a young girl.  It’s on the list of things to make..


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