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An old buddy of mine has written a book which has just been published. I read what I guess was an earlier version of it and it was pretty bloody cool. So you should all buy it and support local, independent, conscious, groovy authors. Yeah!

Warruk: Reflections in Black and White

by Vaughan Nikitin


An Earth-Story (Part) Written in an Aboriginal Language

“In the spring of 1988, two teenage boys disappeared for seven nights in a wild and mystical region of Gippsland in south east Australia. Both were from proud families with a long history in the area. One of the clans arrived in 1878, soon after the first European settlers; the other before the last ice age. One of the boys wrote this story; the other is dead. One never had a chance to say he was sorry; the other never had a chance…”

Enter the reflective world of Wurruk (earth/story), a bullum (dual) memoir of the lives of bullum (two) tallumart (young men) as told by Vaughan Nikitin – in relation to his aboriginal yunki (mate) and brogan (brother), Tommy Hinkins: together, this is their self-portrait. Share their search for identity in this journey through space, time and the unforgotten language of their ancestors (the legends of the kurnai – ganai – gannai – gunnai – and the mountain cattlemen).

Wurruk is one man’s attempt to reconcile with (his) place by way of a part real, part imagined memoir. The author juxtaposes his own story with that of his doppelgänger, Tommy Hinkins, a representation of the Kurnai people, the first people of Gippsland, Australia, leading up to the death of one by the Den of Nargun, near the Mitchell River in eastern Victoria.

Go to the website and buy it today!


One response to “Buy This Book!

  1. Sounds pretty intriguing – will have a look. Interesting to note how many Aboriginal stories are developing mainstream audiences; its never too late.

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