Cyclists, Would-Be Cyclists and Motorists of New Zealand

I am haunted by the plight of a 17 yr old in Auckland who was recently run off the road by a motorist with a negative attitude. The boy was left paralysed. I want to try to change the negative attitudes and ignorance of motorists to make the roads safer for cyclists in this country. So I am trying to organise a RIDE4CHANGE.
It is not a protest ride – it is simply a ride for positive change. We need to change lots of things, such as the traffic abilities of some cyclists- including myself, road design, town planning, etc etc.

But the main purpose of this ride is to dispel some common myths motorists have, to enlighten people about the sport of cycling to help them better understand us.

I have created a web page explaining all my thinking on this and the page will be updated as the organisation progresses.

I would love to include some “Critical Mass” ride organisers but have not been able to find a contact yet – if anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it. (Or better still forward this message to them.)



One response to “Ride4Change

  1. We have a regular critical mass bike ride in Christchurch.

    We regularly get around 25-35 along with Sugra the juggling unicyclist!

    Fun was had between 5-6 pm on Friday night, while megaphone weilding cyclists made some points about climate change.

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