Understandable outrage

Te Pahu Miffed at Underground Plan

The burgeoning rural community of Te Pahu is miffed at being left out of the proposed new Hamilton Underground rail system.

Well known for its far sighted transport initiatives Te Pahu used to have two return busses per day prior to the automobile explosion of the 1960’s. Since that time the population has increased ten fold, many of the new residents commuting into Hamilton City.

Unlike the above ground lines to Ngaruawahia, Morrinsville, Cambridge and Te Awamutu, the Te Pahu line (an extension of the Temple View line) is intended to travel the whole distance underground, so as to cause minimum inconvenience.

Our lifestyle blocks have sidelined enough productive farm land as it is – no point wasting any more on an ugly railway line. This will also save tens of millions on land acquisition and bridge construction. But the main long term saving will be on fuel and roading. Up to five hundred cars will be taken off the western access routes into Hamilton, saving between 1500 and 2000 litres of fuel per day.


8 responses to “Understandable outrage

  1. Wow, that is cool – Aotearoa’s first (?) underground railway system. Hamilton, it’s more than you’d expect!

  2. Hamilton’s had an underground for decades. They just sealed it up and built a Warehouse on top of it…

  3. Auckland did too…… sort of.

    I wish all of Auckland was underground

  4. Actually I wish Hamilton was underground too.

  5. This is a joke right?

    You want to build an underground railway under farmland to a small rural settlement 10km or so from a smallish town with no major traffic problems?

    Think about it:
    – it’ll use large amounts of energy in construction
    – it’ll cost a fortune to build and maintain
    – if the users are charged anything near the full costs, it’ll be so expensive (many times the cost of a 10km drive) that nobody will use it
    – if subsidised to the degree that it’s affordable, it’ll be such a charge on the ratepayer/taxpayer that it’ll be closed down after a few years
    – leaving a large, expensive mushroom farm

  6. Click on the link Rich

  7. Oh McGillicuddys! Yay!

  8. Ah the sound of an audible click 😉

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