Meanwhile in Dunners..

Some of the Green posse down in Dunedin did some really cool street theatre in the weekend for International Climate Change action day. I’m not sure of the exact story but I guessed and wrote the story to go along with some photos I got sent…
Oh, look at the happy forest creatures. Isn’t their life so happy?
Frolicking Forest Creatures

Aah watch out here comes the evil corporate chainsaw wankers. Beware their phalic evilness!!
Chainsaw Wankers

Oh the humanity! (Is that the right word?) The carnage! The destruction!
Tree Killing

Oh no, the tree is dead. Can you just see that 18% of CO2 being released into the atmosphere as a result of deforestation?
Tree Dead

Look how they laugh, the heartless bastards..

Better organise some direct action to stop them next time!
Tbird Mourns


2 responses to “Meanwhile in Dunners..

  1. Hehe, that’s hilarious!

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