The Carnival Comes To Town

Last night the G20 Economic Summit began in Melbourne.  While the Police were preparing for some early protests, most people are focussing their efforts on the Carnival today.   So they were rather unoccupied (poor souls).  But that’s ok because at about 3 this morning someone had the great idea to hassle the Christians.  Now why they thought a handful of silent, peaceful Christian protesters were worth moving is beyond me.  But why they chose to do so at such an ungodly hour is just nasty!

As for me, I went up to the Camp Sovereignty spot in King’s Domain to join with a group of people in a candle lit memorial to Cameron Doomadgee who was brutally murdered by police two years ago on Palm Island.  The policeman who committed the crime, Chris Hurley, has not yet been charged with this murder.  Facts we pointed out to the lovely police officers that came over the enquire as to what we were up to.

While all this was going on, we had the delightful Make Poverty History Concert going on next door.  It provided it’s own source of amusement I must say.  I was walking along next to a bunch of ‘youth’ when one of them yelled out (in his best footy voice) “let’s go make poverty history!”  “Great” I thought and yelled out “yay, how?” to which I received more blank stares than I have in my whole entire life.  That’s my problem with the whole MPH thing.  It’s this great consciousness raising exercise, but it’s title implies an action and noone seems to know what that action is.  Meanwhile Bono sits in his 15 castles and watches the money roll in and all the people living in poverty keep living in poverty..

So I’m off to play in the Carnival today.  Check back here later for reports and pictures and if you’re really lucky, maybe even some film!

Love to the masses xox


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