Road trippin


Originally uploaded by kakariki.

Just had to share this one with you all (especially you Australians). We stopped just before Rotorua to check out these waterfalls that neither of us had ever seen before and they were pretty rad.

And the bush was stunning!

I’m starting to edit photos up so expect some more to perve at sometime in the next week.

So nice to be home!


2 responses to “Road trippin

  1. Hey do you know what those falls were called? I was in ‘vegas for a few days recently and did the walk out to the Tarawera Falls, hope to put up some pics at my walking blog soon:

    Are you back for long? Hope your trip is going well 🙂

  2. Nope, all I can remember was that it started with O (I think). It’s on the Tauranga road where they do the river kayaking. Like your blog, some gorgeous photos on there!
    Back for a few months to have this baby, due in a couple of weeks so I’m now sitting around being fat and doing plenty of cross stitch!

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