Natural Prettiness

As you may have noticed I have got into the craft thing in a big way. I’m expanding my skills and am now able to do about 10 different stitches as well as the good ol cross stitch. I bought a really cool book about flax weaving and I’m keen to get into that at some point as well. Which is why I got really excited about how to make roses out of maple leaves!

I’m sure it’s much more exciting if you’re Canadian, but fun none the less!

While I’m on the theme of nice things to make yourself, also found a couple of how-to guides that are cool.

Firstly, how to make your own incense. Yummy! Depending on which way you go about it, you could be looking at an intensive creativity process. But imagine the amazement on the faces of your friends and family when you tell them that their new gift is handmade! (Watch out, almost getting political here..)

Secondly, there’s this cool site with tons of recipes for bath and body gunks. I had a squiz through the different types and was shuddering with lushful anticipation! (friends, feel free to make any of these recipes..)

The best part about all of these fun activities is that they are free or nearly free to make. And you can control the ingredients going into them. Especially good for that girlfriend/boyfriend of yours who really doesn’t understand that a product doesn’t have to be tested on animals to be any good!

Enjoy xox


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