OK so it’s been a while..

Little known fact: I originally set up this blog because I wanted to get into the habit of writing so I might just maybe start writing better.

Little did I know that I was about to fill a void in the NZ blogosphere by writing about political issues from a Green perspective. Which, at the time, no one else was doing or was better placed to be doing. So after a wee while I noticed that there was a few people not only reading my blog, but continuing to read my blog. So I just kept on writing about what was going on from a Green perspective. But not as much of my writing was as analytical as I would have liked, I just didn’t have time.

Now things have changed. I don’t work there any more. There are other Green blogs. There are other things too but those are the main two.

So I’ve decided that this year I’m going to take some time to get a bit more disciplined in my writing. So consider this me re-enacting a new years resolution from a few years ago. And you can all get excited about seeing me write more! Well, I will anyway…

Firstly, I took some time today to give the ol’ blogroll a refresh. Some of them on there hadn’t been written on in a while, some had even gone! It was a nice way to get inspired doing some reading of some good blogs which I used to read lots but haven’t had the time to as of late.

The most interesting one I ran into was one of my old favourites The art of the possible who has a link to the story of Malachi Ritscher:

“In December 2002, the city of Chicago dedicated a statue called “The Flame of the Millennium”– a seven-ton, stainless-steel, abstract rendering of a flame in high wind, standing over the Kennedy Expressway, just west of the downtown Loop. Last Friday, November 3, the statue appeared to be on fire. When authorities got there, they found a video camera, a canister of gasoline, a sign reading “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, and a human body so badly charred that it was impossible to determine its sex. Someone had self-immolated, near a highway off-ramp, amid rush-hour traffic.

Over the next few days, members of Chicago’s avant-garde music community would be shocked to learn that the person who’d done this was one of their own– someone many of them had been running into, several nights a week, for more than a decade. Tougher still would be dealing with the reasons behind it. According to the statements left on his website, 52-year-old Malachi Ritscher had set himself on fire to protest the war in Iraq and the politics that allowed it to happen. And thus began the same debate, among his friends, among the public, on blogs, and in comment boxes across the internet– an argument about which of two pigeonholes we’d slot this into: Was it an important act of political protest, or the tragic end of a mentally ill person?”

What’s most fascinating is not Malachi’s final act but his life. I think we all know or have known someone in whatever circles we move in who is not quite a part of it, but always there. Someone who you would never know how to call but would still be shocked by their sudden death. This guy was one of them. So much on the edge of the circle that he even wrote his own obituary because “no one else really knew him”.

I think everyone should read Malachi’s story and read why he chose to die that way. His is one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever read and I’d definitely call him the bravest casualty in this war so far.


On a related note, today is the 5th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo Bay.

Further down the page at the art of the possible I found a raving endorsement of stumble upon. Now I’m not too good at these web trends (the MySpace experiment was a bit of a failure…) but this one was getting at least one geek I respect excited so waddled over for a look. And it is really quite cool. Especially if you’re looking for pictures to liven up what is turning into a long post…

So the user name is kakariki if you want to make me your friend (or whatever it is they call it on stumble upon).

Then I found this pretty well articulated conspiracy theory about 911 conspiracy theorists which I don’t neccessarily agree with, but it’s well written. Could be a bit of inspiration in there for me to get writing.

Finally what’s really getting me excited today is this wee release from the Sea Shepherd Society in relation to their new found pirate status (c’mon NZ goverment, give them a flag!). The best quote ever from Paul Watson:

“It was not the British Navy that ended piracy in the Caribbean, it was Captain Henry Morgan who did that and he was a pirate.” Said Captain Watson. “I am proud to add my name to the long list of honourable and noble pirates like Sir Francis Drake, John Paul Jones and Jean LaFitte. To that end we have our own version of the Pretty Red or Joli Rouge and it is the crossed shepherd’s staff and Neptune’s trident under a human skull engraved with the yin and yang of a dolphin and a whale. If they want us to be pirates than we will be damn pirates but we will not abandon the whales to the agony and misery of the harpoons without a fight. We are pirates of compassion in pursuit of pirates of profit”

In solidarity brother. I’m gonna keep blogging 🙂


2 responses to “OK so it’s been a while..

  1. This is like a frenzy of blogging or something.

  2. Almost, just you wait!

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