New blogs

Along with the recent cleansing of the blogroll comes some new ones. And they’re all Aotearoa blogs too!

Firstly (and top of the list too due to the alphabetical listing policy) is anarchafairy. Who is a seriously choice person and I really enjoying the writing so far!

Secondly is NZ Human Rights Lawyer whom I don’t know from a bar of soap but looks pretty bloody interesting so far.

Finally lets say hi to stanselen who I found through Asher’s blog. Also don’t know from a piece of soap but bloody inspiring so far. I’ve enjoyed every post and look forward to reading more.

Have fun y’all


9 responses to “New blogs

  1. Damn alphabet, pushing me back to second. I swear its antisemitic or something…

  2. Maybe I should call my blog AAAAAAAnarchia.

  3. you could try, but the antisemitic world order would ignore your futile attempt at blogroll domination.


  4. thanks for linking me kakariki, i’m getting quite obsessive bout this blogging thing, It’s kind of like a dairy, except it has to be abit more reader friendly (not so heavy on the emotional side) anyways i’m more into spewing my guts (figuratively) on the inside.
    oh thanx again love your site, nice pic’s and things. xo

  5. yeah you gotta watch it, it can take over your life.

    But then you discover you got nothing to write about anymore ;o)

    Nice to have someone else groovy around!

  6. Gah! What happened to the link to my blog? 😦

    Ok fair enough, I barely blog these days 🙂 Hope you’re well!

  7. It was broken and I couldn’t find it and I’m real sorry!

    Fixed now 🙂

  8. That’s ok 🙂 now I will have to find something to write about to honour it!

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