When will the whole world be watching?

It’s Australia Day today. Otherwise know as Invasion Day. Otherwise (and more recently) known as Aboriginal Sovereignty Day.

So while all the white fullahs run around handing out medals and having barbies, a small minority of people in Australia get together to hold an alternative celebration.

Not a celebration of the day that Captain Cook turned up and declared the place empty and therefore British. Rather a celebration of the approximately 80 000 years of Aboriginal culture on the continent now known as Australia.

They celebrate the oldest known culture on this planet. A culture that has survived despite the ongoing criminal genocide being perpetrated against the First Nation peoples of Australia.

They celebrate the diversity in language, art, song, dance and tradition. Despite the outrageous destructive behaviour still going on today to try and wipe this diversity of the memories of the people and the land.

‘Nobody owns the fire. Nobody owns the Kangaroo and the Emu. There’s no copyright on the boomerang.’ Uncle Kevin Buzzacott

They celebrate the spirit of resistance. Despite the divide and conquer strategies of the State, hell bent on killing anyone that gets in their way.

And they honour all of those who have fallen before.

And they call on the rest of the world to join with them in this celebration. And call on the rest of the world to join with their voices calling for an Australia that ends the Genocide, recognises the Sovereignty and makes a Treaty to honour and protect Indigenous Australia.

Reconciliation is not assimilation. Assimilation is cultural genocide.
Without the culture and without the spirit, the land will die.
Without the land, the people will die.

Please spread the word.


2 responses to “When will the whole world be watching?

  1. I think your pic says it all “white out” ..I’ve only been to Aussie once (we went travelling about in the Grampians)
    though I was hoping to meet Aboriginal folk whilst there, and was really shocked that there weren’t any anywhere, nowhere in Melbourne could I find an Aboriginal person to introduce myself to. Oh thats right u have to go to the really poor and desolate places, thats where they live. More talk in the paper this morning about getting rid of Waitangi Day and replacing it with NewZealand day. Peter Dunn would rather we all forgot about our history of colonisation and white washed our past just as The Australian government continues to do.

  2. Or you could try the jails…

    Interesting to note that the first time Peter Dunne put up legislation to change Waitangi Day, he wanted to change it to Aotearoa New Zealand Day to “reflect the diversity amongst the nation”. I would be interested to know how much that diversity has diminished in the last 10 years for him to only want to change it to New Zealand Day.

    Or maybe he’s just a reactionary fucknut racist.

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