Shock and Awe!

I did the ol What Kind of Anarchist Are You? quiz (hattip: stanselen) and surprise surprise, I’m an anarcha-feminist:

You scored as Anarcha-Feminist.

Anarcha-feminists put a strong emphasis on the importance of patriarchy, arguing that all forms of hierarchy can be traced back to man’s domination over woman. Although associated with the 1960s, the movement has its roots in the theories of Emma Goldman and Voltarine DeCleyre.

Anarcha-Feminist 95%
Anarcho-Communist 70%
Anarcho-Syndicalist 45%
Anarcho-Primitivist 45%
Christian Anarchist 40%
Anarcho-Capitalist 25%


15 responses to “Shock and Awe!

  1. hahaha!

    Christian Anarchist 50%
    Anarcho-Primitivist 45%
    Anarcho-Capitalist 40%
    Anarcha-Feminist 40%
    Anarcho-Syndicalist 25%
    Anarcho-Communist 15%

    does that mean were enemies now or wot 😉

    I note theres no anarcha-anarchist [or insurrectionist-anarchist for that matter.]

    christ be with you.

  2. That was amusing. Apparently I’m an Anarcho-Syndicalist, but none of my scores were very high. There seemed to be only 3 questions per type, so it was a bit obvious.

    Anarcho-Syndicalist 70%
    Anarcho-Communist 60%
    Anarcha-Feminist 60%

    As usual with quizzes, I felt it was lacking detail and some of the questions I wanted to say “none of the above”, as distinct from the rest where I wanted “it depends” 🙂

  3. Don’t worry Sparx, I still like ya!

  4. it was one misplaced click that made me a christian. when i did it again i came out anarcho-primitivist 55% cant remember the rest.

    anyway, who cares about anarchism? what about the what kinda mythical creature are you quiz?

    i came out dragon then demon cant remember the rest.

  5. Anarcho feminist 85%
    Anarcho primitivist 85%
    Anarcho communist 70%
    Anarcho capitalist 45%
    Anarcho syndicalist 40%
    Christian anarchist 10%

    I spose that figures quite well with my identity as a eco-feminist libertarian-socialist!

    Of course, there were a damn few questions I wanted to rewrite…

  6. Angel 75%

    Mermaid 75%

    Dragon 75%

    WereWolf 67%

    Faerie 58%

    Demon 0%

    must be the fallen kind! apparently mermaids can be quite dangerous sorts….
    0% christian Anarchist… phew looks like i’m still going to hell..

  7. DPF comes out as an Anarcho-capitalist. No suprises there! Although pretty much every anarchist outside of an-cap would argue that it isn’t a form of anarchism anyway as the accumulation of wealth depends on the use of force to defend it….

  8. Angel 83%
    Mermaid 75%
    Dragon 75%
    Faerie 75%
    WereWolf 33%
    Demon 0%

    now really, is anyone surprised at that result!

  9. Christian Anarchist 75%
    Anarcho-Syndicalist 55%
    Anarcha-Feminist 50%
    Anarcho-Communist 50%
    Anarcho-Capitalist 40%
    Anarcho-Primitivist 35%

    re: moz’s critique – even in these pop quizzes i get annoyed by the response bias that are built in to the questionnaires. my favourite question was the one about whether anarchists need to be organised. ah ha ha, organised anarchists. another oxymoron to add to my collection. wish there was an anarcho-chartered accountant option, then the questionnaire would have been truly representative. still haven’t been able to find the ‘what kind of nerdy, critical contemporary poststructuralist feminist masters thesis geographer are you?’ questionnaire. oh well…

    and yo, all hail teenage jesus.

  10. oh, and i shit you not –

    Angel 100%
    Faerie 75%
    Mermaid 58%
    Dragon 42%
    WereWolf 25%
    Demon 0%

  11. Anarcho-Communist










    Christian Anarchist


    I’m pretty happy with that.

  12. well, i reckoned i could do better, so i went to quizfarm & tried to make a “what kind of mythical anarchist am i?” quiz – and – surprise! it’s like REALLY REALLY hard to make a quiz – and – surprise! it’s like REALLY REALLY boring to make a quiz and – surprise! i lost interest.

    but if you wanna do a really good quiz, theres a “what era ian mackeye are you?” quiz here:

    but how could you be 83% angel when you’re only 40% christian anarchist?!? and how could jo be 75% angel AND 0% christian anarchist?!?

  13. Christian Anarchist 100%
    Anarcho-Communist 60%
    Anarcha-Feminist 60%
    Anarcho-Primitivist 60%
    Anarcho-Capitalist 50%
    Anarcho-Syndicalist 45%

  14. Leroy: You are the best kind of nerdy, critical contemporary poststructuralist feminist masters thesis geographer. How’s that?

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