Soppy baby stuff

I decided that since the baby is half Australian and has TONS of Aotearoa type clothes toys etc that I should make an effort to balance things up a bit. So I stitched a couple of blank baby items with Gumnut Baby patterns that I got out of a book of Classic Storybook patterns.

I know, it’s not exactly radical, but incredibly cute. You can see more here.


7 responses to “Soppy baby stuff

  1. As promised, here’s the announcement. Kaka had her baby this morning at 4:59am, a happy healthy baby girl.


  2. Wow congrats, Kakariki.

  3. Congratulations, Kakariki! Hope you and baby are doing well.

  4. Yo mamma!

    Hee hee. I can legitimately say that now 🙂 I hope you are all fabulous. Yippee! Big loves, A

  5. oh my god in heaven,

  6. Thanks everyone 🙂

    photos and shit soon, once I’ve figured out how to get her to work properly 😉

    Peter: I’ll take that as a congratulations, thanks.

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