Camp Sovereignty – v2.0

So it’s been a year since we successfully occupied on of Australia’s most valuable piece of real estate for 60 days without a single person being arrested. We managed to maintain a drug, alcohol and violence free camp – bar the violence on the part of the police on the final night. And we managed to get the message out to the world and the main issues for the oldest known culture on this planet are genocide, sovereignty and treaty.

And we had a shit load of fun.

So we’re getting together again on Monday for the anniversary of the day we set up camp. I urge all of the 10 thousand or so Melburnians who visited during the camp to pop down for a cup of tea and catch up.

Oh and someone please bring a BBQ, eh Rosa?

If you want to know more about Camp Sovereignty and how seriously cool fun it was, check out the Camp Sov site, it’s pretty.

UPDATE (belated one I’m sorry): There was a little bit of confusion amongst the Police about who was giving the orders and there was a temporary moment of humanity on their part. Don’t worry, someone remembered the are supposed to be the tool of the colonialist oppressor and they started to behave accordingly. See Indymedia for details.


4 responses to “Camp Sovereignty – v2.0

  1. Really looking forward to this 🙂 hope to see you there too maybe! Welcome back!

  2. Cheers 🙂

    Nearly over the jet lag. Don’t recommend travelling with an infant and 41 kgs of stuff not including hand luggage and duty free and no one to help carry everything…

  3. Thank you for your info.

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