Nazis are SO last century

dumb-nazi.jpgIn lieu of me getting around to writing some great post about Boycotting the Birmingham. You really should see the postcard that Sparx made. It’s funny, in a self-referential-art-wank kinda way which I like.

Oh and if I was allowed to drink beer, I wouldn’t go there.
I’m not going to go there for chips either.
Or crap bands!!


6 responses to “Nazis are SO last century

  1. I’m boycotting the Birmy as we speak.

    It’s basically all I do.

    Thanks for the endorsement Kakariki, I’m gonna run all my questionable taste post past you.

  2. Only if I can consult with you about cross stitch concepts 😉

  3. deal 😉

    hey, if you XstitchX’ed that birmy postcard onto a plain, white calico bag… do you think that would be funny, or just wrong? or funny AND funny? i mean, or funny AND wrong?

    it would be “Xtreme Xstitch” though, right? just sayin…

  4. If I cross stitched that onto a bag it would take feckin months! Could embroider a line drawing version though…

  5. i’ll never understand how you have the patience to XstichX ANYTHING anyway – i just make stuff using textas & “sew” them on with safety pins [and once, cable ties.]

  6. patience – insane boredom, yeah something like that ;o)

    You should see how many things I’ve started eh?

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