Crafty coolness

I’ve been checking out some more folk out there who are into crafty acts of political statements and I’ve found a few worth sharing.

First up is from Demakersvan which is a Dutch Design House. They’ve made this thing called the Lace Fence:

” Our aim is to sparkle of small revolutions. In our projects we often combine
the sensitive, emotional and the small with the powerful, large and industrial.

The Laced Fence project translates that line of thinking.
Fencing is a sign how we modified and cultivated our environment.
Like brambles fences are rising rampantly around us.
What would happen if a patch of embroidered wire would meet with and continue as an industrial fence.
Hostility versus kindness, industrial versus craft.
The strong industrial fence is a challenge in its function and appearance.
Something which was meant for pure functionality can also be decorative. “

That’s cool.

(go over the page to see more cool stuff!)

Secondly Ele Carpenter has got this groovy thing going down with the Open Source Embroidery Project. Total love the idea and it’s one of the reasons why I give my patterns away for free (not sure if they’re cool enough to charge for is another…). I totally understand why people charge for their patterns but I’m more into the accessibility of patterns. Share, share alike I reckon. But this one certainly made me think a bit more about the back of the things I do and gives me a good reason to take photos and share that too.

And I like her embroidered tag ideas. I did a sticker a couple of years back of the ol’ </racism> which went up a bit round Wellington and Melbourne. I’m certainly inspired to stitch that one on something when I get home!

Next up is the seriously rad work of Ulrika Erdes who does random acts of public embroidery. Bus and train seats will never be the same! And the coolest bit is that she has patterns up on the website and encourages us to all join in on the fun game! And there’s a website for those people cool enough to participate in public embroidery.

I was doing a bit of cross stitching on the trains and trams last year which got me some funny looks but I wasn’t actually stitching on the trains and trams. But I am now going to make my little public transport portable stitching kit ;o)

Finally there’s these rad mobs in the UK going into prisons and teaching the inmates crafts which they then sell to make money. The project is called Fine Cell Work and while the work itself isn’t overtly radical, the act of making it and the project itself is. Nice to see inmates learning new skills and doing useful activities while being locked up. Better than sitting around doing nothing, or learning to be better criminals, like they do in the NZ Corrections system…

OK so I’m going home to keep working on my current masterpiece which is keeping me nice and busy at the moment.  So you all get stitching too!!


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