Games for babies

I don’t think there is anything more fun than a baby that’s just learned how to smile!  But the interesting thing is watching them learn to respond to you.  It would be nice to get some good ideas around how to best encourage your baby to learn new things.  Searching the internet is often fruitless as most websites are trying to sell you something.  So if anyone out there has any good baby stimulation play tips, please let me know.

The best I’ve found so far is on a BBC site so there has to be more out there…

Tips please!


6 responses to “Games for babies

  1. Sing, sing, sing, sing!!!! a few of my babes favs are Twinkle little star, Five little duckies, Incy wincy spider, baa baa black sheep, anything with actions. (which has its origins going back to when wool was taxed and plebs had to buy theirs on the black market..nothing more sinister) And when your thru with that u could always try fishy faces with the fishy pop noices to go… sure to get a first chuckle.

  2. oh and by the way i’m off to Birmingham to play with these people thanks to the Arts Council of England – awesome huh?

  3. hey! where’d my other comment go?

  4. Sh well. The gist of it was, put baby in nature (rivers and bush) and watch her buzz out on it, buzz out on it yourself as a result, and then feed that back to her.

    My Dad used to do that with me – take me to the bush and plonk me down by a river – he told me that watching me look at things unlocked his own artistic eyes.

  5. Damian! Nice work on the UK gig! Legendary!

    Thanks for the good advice too. Might have to go on a park adventure this avo…

  6. What comes immediately to mind is to take your baby around other small children, a bit older than your baby. My second baby seemed so much more engaged in the world around her than my first, and my feeling is that it’s because she had a big sister. I think that little kids interact with babies in a different way than adults, which is attractive to a baby.

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